About us Xianxin is a high-tech electronic technology enterprise supported by the Shaanxi Provincial Government and the Xi'an Municipal Government. It is mainly engaged in the overall demonstration, development and production of products in the fields of electromagnetic signal detection and simulation, satellite communications and navigation. And engineering construction.
The company was established in 2009 and is headquartered in Xi'an National Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone. It is divided into Beijing, Chengdu and Luoyang offices with a registered capital of 30.77 million yuan. It has more than 120 employees, including more than 90 R&D personnel(more than 30 senior titles). 
Corporate Culture: Create the core with people's text and heart. A perfect heart comes from the tolerance and integration of many hearts. Corporate Values: Integrity, Diligence, Responsibility, Humility, Inclusion and Integration Enterprise Spirit: Unity, Struggle and Innovation
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    • The XCCZ-GNSM-001 Beidou integrated machine is a multi-purpose Beidou terminal developed by Xianxin. Users can use this product to achieve Beidou/GPS positioning, short message communication and other functions.At the same time, the equipment is also suitable for fisheries, vehicles, meteorology, forestry, water Conservancy and other fields.
    • Overview of four-channel high-precision multi-mode satellite navigation broadband RF chip for XCC 621AThe XCC 621A is a highly integrated high-precision multi-mode satellite navigation four-channel broadband RF chip. The channels one, two, and three are the same three-way receiving channels. The channel adopts a zero medium-frequency architecture, and the RF input range is 1.16 GHz ~ 1.62 GHz. 80 MHz, maximum medium-bandwidth 80 MHz, All satellite navigation signals such as Beidou, GPS, Galileo, and GLONASS can be received, converted, amplified, and converted at the same time. Channel 4 is a narrowband channel and can be used for receiving satellite positioning enhancement signals.The XCC 621A has the characteristics of low power consumption and high integration. The chip integrates four-w...
    • The XCT3 Beidou vehicle can receive BD2 navigation signals and GPS navigation signals under the RNSS system and navigation signals under the RDSS system to achieve continuous real-time navigation, positioning, speed measurement, and communication and position reporting functions of the BD2 and GPS systems. It has dual frequency and wide area differential positioning ability.This machine has low power consumption and small volume. It is designed according to standardization and meets the vehicle use.The product adopts the integrated design of the host unit, and is fixed outside the vehicle by mechanical or magnetic suction methods. The display unit uses a 7-inch LCD touch screen, which is convenient for human-computer interaction.
    • A four-frequency aerial antenna supports the reception of Beidou II B3/B1, GPS L1 and GLONASSL1 satellite signals. It has a good directionality map and low elevation angle gain, stable performance, and good port isolation. It is widely used in various special equipment. It can also be customized according to customer requirements.
    • Through multi-beam scanning method of phased array antenna, the radio spectrum monitoring of 360 ° full airspace and ultra-long distance can be achieved in complex electromagnetic environment, and it has the ability to track the interference source for bicycle direction and dual group network positioning, and it has both electronic signals. Reconnaissance function.Signal passive detection system, including signal perception, body reporting, spectrum detection, signal storage records and other functions.The mid-to-low altitude coverage of the azimuth 90 ° and the pitch 12 ° can be achieved by simultaneously detecting multiple signal sources, including fixed targets, low-speed moving targets and high-speed mobile targets.
    • High dynamic wide angle digital multi-beam phased array antenna is a kind of digital multi-beam array antenna which can be scanned and controlled by beam.Its characteristic is that it has a residual cut shape design in the pitch surface, and realizes the maximum transceiver performance in distance detection. The wide azimuth angle multi-array is designed to realize the wide azimuth detection and scanning angle; The digital multibeam transceiver is equipped with a pen-shaped beam in azimuth, which can realize multitarget simultaneous detection and tracking task.The detection and tracking distance is long, and the multi-target detection and tracking work efficiency is high, the volume is small, the weight is light, and it is easy to integrate conformal.It has a wide range of applications in ...
    • Ultra-broadband array antenna is a kind of planar array antenna developed by our company.It is characterized by ultra-wide band characteristics(operating bandwidth can reach a frequency range of 10 times), an antenna in the form of an exponential cone slot(Vivaldi) is suitable for tightly coupled arrays, and the tight coupling between units is similar to satisfying the current chip model proposed by Wheeler., With the characteristics of ultra wide band and wide angle scanning, it is especially suitable for the beam scanning array antenna. After the antenna scanning, the active standing wave will not increase rapidly. Vivaldi antenna unit processing is simple, suitable for mass production, the unit has an open tuning point, antenna matching debugging is convenient.It is widely used in phase...
    • All airspace vehicle-controlled mobile Zhongtong can simultaneously carry out communications, reconnaissance and other work on multiple targets. It is widely used in navigation and electronic countermeasures.
    • Power amplifier module is a high power, high efficiency, high linear products developed by Division I.It is characterized by amplifying radio frequency signals to rated power, and achieving basic electrical performance indicators such as gain, output power, and power flatness as required, while meeting certain requirements for external radiation and suppression systems.It has a wide range of applications in various fields of wireless communications and military communications.
    • The analog signal styles include conventional pulses, frequency rapid change(pulse rapid change, Pulse rapid change), frequency diversity, Pulse compression(linear FM, nonlinear FM, phase encoding), variable frequency(heavy frequency jitter, heavy frequency parameter difference), phase encoding + frequency encoding, etc.. ::The scan angle can cover the azimuth ± 180 ° and pitch in the range of 0 ° ~ 90 °.
    • The high power electromagnetic environment can be constructed with multiobjective and multitask by hardware reconstruction.
    • The platform adopts FPGA + DSP architecture. The number of transmission channels can be flexibly expanded according to demand, supporting synchronization between various channels, and the main chip using Virtex-7 has rich DSPs resources that can be used for digital multi-beam transmission, high-speed data transmission, and playback.
    • The platform uses the FPGA + DSP architecture. The number of channels can be flexibly expanded according to demand, supporting synchronization between various channels. The main chip adopts Virtex-7 and has rich DSPs resources, which can be used for digital multi-beam, high-speed data acquisition, and transmission.
    • The platform uses the Xilinx Znyq architecture, and the number of channels can be flexibly expanded according to demand.
    • Board card introductionThis board card is an mSATA high-performance data storage board based on the 6U CPCI architecture. The control chip is Xilinx's Kintex-7 series FPGA, compatible with XC7K325T-2FFG 900 and XC7K410T-2FFG 900. The board card supports 32bit/33MHz CPCI bus, 64bit DDR3 cache(capacity 1GB, which can be expanded to 2GB), HPC FMC interface, RS422 serial port, and several single-terminal IO interfaces, integrating 8 mSATA solid state disks. A storage array with a read and write rate of 2.5 B/s or more of up to 8TB capacity can be applied to the storage of analog signal acquisition(ADC) data streams, and the data flow drives the reconstruction of analog signals(DAC). LVDS bus, optical fiber and other high-speed digital interface driven data flow real-time storage and readba...
  • Our Advantages Tenghui(China) Automobile Import & Export Group Co., Ltd. has always adhered to market demand oriented, constantly open up and create a potential automotive consumer market
    Corporate culture With human text and heart, A perfect heart comes from the inclusion and integration of multiple hearts
    Corporate culture A perfect heart comes from the tolerance and integration of multiple hearts.
    Corporate Values Integrity, diligence, responsibility, humility, Inclusion and Integration
    Corporate Values Integrity, diligence, responsibility, humility, tolerance and integration
    Enterprise spirit Unity, Struggle and Innovation
    Enterprise spirit Unity, Struggle and Innovation
    Development history 19 March 2009 Xi'an Xinchuang Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.成立
    Development history On March 19, 2009, Xi'an Xinchuang Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. was established with a registered capital of 1 million yuan.
    • 2018 19 Dec
      The employee company is a company that swims the Wulong River together.
      In order to enrich the employees 'amateur cultural life, relax the body and mind, hone the will, enhance teamwork, and stimulate creativity after work; Allow employees to enjoy the warmth of the family while busy work, to achieve a combination of work and leisure. From April 25 to April 26, 2015, the company organized all employees and their families to travel, taste mountains and rivers, cultural history, enjoy the local customs of farmers, and appreciate the beautiful scenery of nature.In this journey, we help each other, walking through the small stone street, wulong river, winding trails, through the lush woods, over the rugged mountain road, enjoy the humanities, bathing natural atmosphere, the mood is particularly comfortable. In an active atmosphere, each participant felt the joy of exercise and relaxed physically and mentally; At the same time, it has also strengthened the communication between the departments and employees 'families and companies, enhanced the recognition, friendship, strengthened the cohesion of the team and the recognition of the company, so that our team is more United and Braver!
    • 2018 19 Dec
      All the way west: "cool tour" of Shan Shan.
      All the way west: "cool tour" of Shan Shan.In the hot summer, the city has become a hot island, and Pingliang, Gansu Province, not far from Xi'an, is a good place for summer recreation and relaxation. The day before yesterday, all the employees and family members of Shincang Electronics came here to visit the local beauty, experience the Taoist culture, and taste the exquisite food. Now please come with us to take a look at this beautiful moment:DAY1 Happy Start: Into GansuThe great bus carried us galloping on the land of Guanzhong. The fertile fields, beautiful villages, green trees, and yellow plateaus outside the window emerged in the field of view and disappeared with disease. In the window, colleagues and children competed with each other and brought bursts of laughter.   Queen Mother's Home: Quiet YouyuanThe first stop of the trip came to the Wangmuniangniang in Jingchuan County, Pingliang City. According to legend, this place is the place where the king was born and born. The main hall is deep in dozens of places, and flowers bloom in the courtyard.The traveler is woven, and the flat ground rises from the treasure house. Although it has not yet been completely completed, it can still feel the magnificent and solemn phase of the temple.    Millennium Grottoes: Mysterious AncientFarewell to the magnificent Palace of the King and continue to move forward, soon came to the cultural treasure on the Silk Road-the historic West King Mother Palace Grottoes, which was built in the Northern Wei Dynasty.According to the mountains, there are many Buddha statues in the cave. Sumuweiyan's Buddha, dignified and handsome Bodhisattva, vivid flying, and brave Lux are still vivid despite generations of storms.The dim light in the cave, in this flickering light, looks up from the long river of history, shrouded in the light of Chinese and foreign civilizations, is a unique experience.    Bonfire Party: Dynamic and UnrestrainedAfter visiting the grottoes, we quickly reached the ancient city of Pingliang. After dinner, we saw the evening. The local tourism department held a grand bonfire welcome ceremony for our arrival.Firewood set up, music sounded, red flames rose up, burning! Bright and bright, bright and bright youth, girls and boys jump up!Our general manager, Mr. Weijian, did not lose a bit of his dancing style. He led the professional dancers to get up!  DAY 2  攀援仙山:赏景悟道  经过一晚的休整,神采奕奕的我们向着此次旅行的目的地—崆峒山出发,经过十几分钟的等待,景区游览车载我们到达地势平坦、视野开阔的中台,仰望只见陡峭的台阶高耸而上,著名的景点上天梯共369 级台阶,从下而上依45 度、60 度、75 度山势而建,攀此台阶是对人意志的极大考验,看到此如此险峻的情景,不免让人产生退缩之意,可是祖国的小花朵们一点都不怕,铆足了劲,三步并作两步地攀爬,倒把我们甩在了后面。 Climbing up the ladder to the imperial city, the imperial city because of the magnificent palace, quite like the imperial palace of the ancient emperor named. The terrain here is very high, condescending, several peaks on the mountainside,Taiwan has gathered at the bottom of its eyes, and the peaks in the distance are like angry. Linshen looks back and walks through the temples of Fangzheng and high and low, and looks forward to the statue couplets that have gone through thousands of years of fireworks.Occasionally, there are priests who pass by and come leisurely, so that the human body will go to nature as usual, and life is also the same. People and nature should be so harmonious and symbiotic, and natural happiness arises spontaneously.  In the corner of the temple, looking across the mountains-mixed Yuanding, the mountains faint sounds of fairy music, light wind hit, the shadow of the trees dance, the blue sky and white clouds, the sun and the moon in the sky on both sides of the lightYing, can not help but sigh at the wisdom of the ancients, looking for this elegant place to see the changes of the sun, the moon and the stars, understanding the philosophy of natural life, pray for heaven to bless the weather and the country. I forgot about it for a while,There's nothing there!   Moving on, the mountain Gaolinmi, the sun through the gap in the tree on the winding stone steps, the open Valley, when there are birds, workers repair wooden stairs,To work hard only for visitors to enjoy a different kind of scenery. All the way up, when the physical strength is gradually exhausted, the steep slope is gradually gentle, and an ancient building that looks like a exquisite pagoda appears in front of its eyes.This is the "mixed yuan court", so far, to reach the top of the mountain. Landing to Fuyuan Court Fuling overlooking, wide and wide, the vast land of the land in the east of the land, the vast land in the eyes, sighed the country's country, beautiful, painted this thousands of miles of beautiful paintings。     Farewell to Xianshan: ReluctantlyOut of the Fuyuan Pavilion, after a short break, it will be late, we set foot on the road, the car started, the ancient city is getting c...
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