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2018 - 12 - 19
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In order to enrich the employees 'amateur cultural life, relax the body and mind, hone the will, enhance teamwork, and stimulate creativity after work; Allow employees to enjoy the warmth of the family while busy work, to achieve a combination of work and leisure. From April 25 to April 26, 2015, the company organized all employees and their families to travel, taste mountains and rivers, cult...
19 2018 - 12
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In July, in order to deliver high-quality products to a base project, Zhang Dong, an engineer of Xinchuang Electronic Systems Department, was stationed in a first-line production workshop in the heat of the summer and has worked continuously in this hot and humid weather for more than 30 days. Although this lean and lean young man usually does not speak much, he can work meticulously. From time to time, he communicates with the company leaders and colleagues on the phone to optimize the assembly plan. Keep discussing with the on-site work master, observe and measure the welding, cutting and gr...
19 2018 - 12
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Under the unified coordination of Minister Liugankun of the project department, the company's project team worked together to successfully pass the customer's on-site review on August 9, 2016, and agreed that it can be transferred to the production link. This is the company in the process of advancing this project to achieve a phased victory, the perfect implementation of the "customer-centered, customer-driven" commitment.
20 2018 - 12
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