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XCC 621A four-channel high-precision multi-mode satellite navigation broadband RF chip

Date of issue: 2019-01-22
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XCC621A 四通道高精度多模卫星导航宽带射频芯片

Overview of four-channel high-precision multi-mode satellite navigation broadband RF chip for XCC 621A

The XCC 621A is a highly integrated high-precision multi-mode satellite navigation four-channel broadband RF chip. The channels one, two, and three are the same three-way receiving channels. The channel adopts a zero medium-frequency architecture, and the RF input range is 1.16 GHz ~ 1.62 GHz. 80 MHz, maximum medium-bandwidth 80 MHz, All satellite navigation signals such as Beidou, GPS, Galileo, and GLONASS can be received, converted, amplified, and converted at the same time. Channel 4 is a narrowband channel and can be used for receiving satellite positioning enhancement signals.

The XCC 621A has the characteristics of low power consumption and high integration. The chip integrates four-way independent signal reception channels, four fractional frequency locking phase rings containing a voltage controlled oscillator, a sampling clock generation circuit, and a general serial control interface(SPI). Wait.

In traditional high-precision navigation application terminals, it is usually necessary to use multiple narrowband radio frequency receiving chips, using the XCC 621A scheme, and one can replace the work done by the original multiple chips. In terms of cost, area(volume) and power consumption, it has significant advantages over the original plan.


  • High integration, low power consumption

Channel 1, 2, 3 adopts a zero medium-frequency architecture

Support for broadband RF input(1.16 GHz ~ 1.62 GHz)

Filter bandwidth configurable(20MHz ~ 80MHz)

Support for analog differential signal output or 4-Bit digital signal output

Simulated differential signal maximum output amplitude(Vpp) 1V

Channel 4 realizes the reception of satellite positioning enhancement signal

Integrated sampling clock generation circuit

Output frequency configurable(20MHz ~ 120MHz)

Reference clock frequency 10MHz ~ 40MHz optional

Integrated Σ Δdecimal division frequency locking ring

Integrated voltage-controlled oscillator

Standard SPI communication interface

Four channel default operating current 200mA, 1.8 V power supply voltage supply

QFN 80L, 9mm × 9mm plastic seal

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