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High dynamic wide angle digital multibeam phased array antenna

Date of issue: 2019-01-22
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  • High dynamic wide angle digital multi-beam phased array antenna is a kind of digital multi-beam array antenna which can be scanned and controlled by beam.

  • Its characteristic is that it has a residual cut shape design in the pitch surface, and realizes the maximum transceiver performance in distance detection. The wide azimuth angle multi-array is designed to realize the wide azimuth detection and scanning angle; The digital multibeam transceiver is equipped with a pen-shaped beam in azimuth, which can realize multitarget simultaneous detection and tracking task.

  • The detection and tracking distance is long, and the multi-target detection and tracking work efficiency is high, the volume is small, the weight is light, and it is easy to integrate conformal.

  • It has a wide range of applications in tasks such as low altitude, ultra-low altitude surveillance and defense, and high dynamic remote detection of various complex environments.

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