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Ultra-broadband array antenna

Date of issue: 2019-01-22
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  • Ultra-broadband array antenna is a kind of planar array antenna developed by our company.

  • It is characterized by ultra-wide band characteristics(operating bandwidth can reach a frequency range of 10 times), an antenna in the form of an exponential cone slot(Vivaldi) is suitable for tightly coupled arrays, and the tight coupling between units is similar to satisfying the current chip model proposed by Wheeler., With the characteristics of ultra wide band and wide angle scanning, it is especially suitable for the beam scanning array antenna. After the antenna scanning, the active standing wave will not increase rapidly. Vivaldi antenna unit processing is simple, suitable for mass production, the unit has an open tuning point, antenna matching debugging is convenient.

  • It is widely used in phased array antennas with broadband and large-angle wave speed scanning performance.

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