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Broadband multichannel down frequency conversion equipment

Date of issue: 2019-01-22
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  • The multi-channel broadband frequency conversion device is a broadband multi-channel low-frequency conversion device with high integration, small volume, centralized display control and TCP/IP Ethernet remote control developed by our company.

  • It is characterized by the ability to aggregate intermediate frequency sets at different frequencies and different bandwidth satellite signals, and to output analog intermediate frequency signals with a central frequency of 70MHz / 140MHz and a bandwidth of 40MHz to the base band;

  • At the same time, the device can also output up to 8 different independent analog medium-frequency signals in parallel, and the center frequency of the 8-channel signal is 70 MHz(bandwidth is 36 MHz) or 140 MHz(bandwidth is 72 MHz); The intuitive menu structure enables customers to quickly become familiar with the product and facilitate product operation;

  • The shape is compact and integrated in a 19-inch 1U standard box.

  • It has a wide range of applications in the fields of radio monitoring, satellite navigation, and multi-channel reconnaissance.

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