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Hardware reconfigurable software radio platform

Date of issue: 2019-01-22
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  • Main functions:

  • Supports flexible arrays of N * M arrays, broadband receiving platforms are organized in a 32 * 1 linear array, and broadband launch and narrowband receiving and receiving are formed in a 16 * 1 linear array.

  • Using broadband digital multibeam technology to achieve multi-target search, capture and tracking;

  • Support software radio-based signal analysis and processing function, users can develop, load and execute signal processing software;

  • Support for high-speed transmission, storage and display of electronic countermeasure signals;

  • Support for MIMO functionality;

  • Support low power consumption, small size hardware standardization subboard reconstruction expansion;

  • The clock synchronization of the whole platform is realized by using the full coherent high precision clock system.

  • use

  • As a software radio electronic confrontation platform, it supports the verification of FPGA real-time and MATLAB post-signal processing algorithms.

  • As a research platform of digital multibeam algorithm, it supports the verification of algorithm performance.

  • As a multi-beam multi-target environment construction platform, it supports the verification of anti-jamming performance and interference technology.

  • As a unit subarray of a large-scale array antenna transceiver system, it supports the early verification of the performance of large-scale array array arrays.

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