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6U CPCI mSATA High Performance Data Storage Board(XCI-C01)

Date of issue: 2019-01-22
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6U CPCI mSATA高性能数据存储板(XCI-C01)

Board card introduction

This board card is an mSATA high-performance data storage board based on the 6U CPCI architecture. The control chip is Xilinx's Kintex-7 series FPGA, compatible with XC7K325T-2FFG 900 and XC7K410T-2FFG 900. The board card supports 32bit/33MHz CPCI bus, 64bit DDR3 cache(capacity 1GB, which can be expanded to 2GB), HPC FMC interface, RS422 serial port, and several single-terminal IO interfaces, integrating 8 mSATA solid state disks. A storage array with a read and write rate of 2.5 B/s or more of up to 8TB capacity can be applied to the storage of analog signal acquisition(ADC) data streams, and the data flow drives the reconstruction of analog signals(DAC). LVDS bus, optical fiber and other high-speed digital interface driven data flow real-time storage and readback and other applications.

Board card performance and technical specifications:

Board card structure, standard 6U board card structure, occupying 1 CPCI slot;

The master chip, using the Xilinx Kintex-7 series, supports PCI Express Endpoint modules, high-speed serial communication interfaces, DDR3 memory interfaces, and user-defined I/O interfaces.

CPCI interface, 32bit/33MHz CPCI bus data transmission, stable continuous throughput of 40MB/s or more;

Data cache, 1GB cache(extensible 2GB), DDR3 SDRAM clock up to 500MHz, implementation of a maximum data transmission bandwidth of 6.4 GB/s;

Large-capacity data storage, 8 mSATA interface solid-state disks, SATA 3.0 protocol, real-time uninterrupted data flow reading and writing rate of no less than 2.5 GB/s, support for extended wide-temperature solid state disks, storage total capacity 1TB/2TB/4 TB/8 TB optional;

Data import and export can be exported through the CPCI bus or fiber optic interface and the general computer;

FMC interface, available standard FMC ADC, DAC sub-card, fiber optic sub-card, Cameron Link sub-card and LVDS access card;

Support 6 LED indicators and 3 keys;

In addition to the solid disk outer plate card all devices are industrial level, depending on the user's needs can be selected for different temperature levels of the solid disk.

Board card heat dissipation, guide cooling board with the chassis forced air cooling heat dissipation;

Vibration level: satisfies airborne vibration environment.

Technical support:

Board card provides DDR3 test program, CPCI test program;

The board card provides the CPCI driver and installation instructions under the Windows XP system. Users can write their own control software;

Supports custom development of various types of FMC sub-card programs.

Supporting the development of complete human-computer interaction software, can achieve data collection, storage, display, analysis and management functions.

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